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AutoCAD Level2: Intermediate
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AutoCAD Level2: Intermediate Summary

AutoCAD Level2: Intermediate

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AutoCAD Level2: Intermediate
Date: TBA

Time: 6PM to 10PM
Duration: total of 16 hours (these hours doesn't include LAB hours, min. 8 hours)
LAB Hours: 4PM to 6PM before class starts on Tuesday
Location: Queens- COMPUTER ACADEMY
120-10, 15th Ave., 
College Point, NY 11356

Advantages of our classes:
* Save months and quickly gain confidence and competence by getting a thorough course content in just few weeks.
* Hands-on, instructor led training classes in top-notch master trainer.
* Maximum 3 students in a class, and most of time one on one instructor to a student ratio.
* Class never will be cancelled!
* Onsite training (at your location) available for corporate clients.

* Extra practicing hours in our CADLAB

AutoCAD- Level Two Intermediate

Duration: 16 hours
Training Hours: 8 hours

AutoCAD Advanced introduces advanced techniques and teaches you to be proficient in your use of AutoCAD. This is done by teaching you how to recognize the best tool for the task, the best way to use that tool, and how to create new tools to accomplish tasks more efficiently. This class continues what Level One left of.

To help you understand and use the more advanced capabilities of AutoCAD 2018.

This course is designed for the experienced AutoCAD user. It is recommended that you have a working knowledge of AutoCAD as well as an understanding of creating and editing AutoCAD objects.

Learning Style
- Instructor-led Classroom Training 

The main objective is to teach you the basic commands necessary for professional 2D drawing, design and drafting using AutoCAD. After completing this course, you will be able to: navigate the user interface, use the fundamental features of AutoCAD, use the precision drafting tools to develop accurate technical drawings and present drawings in a detailed and visually impressive manner.

This course is designed for the new AutoCAD user. It is recommended that you have a working knowledge of drafting, design or engineering principles and experience with Microsoft Windows. 


Advanced AutoCAD Text Objects
Annotation Scale Overview
Using Fields
Controlling the Draw Order

Working with AutoCAD Tables

Creating Tables
Modifying Tables
Working with Linked Tables
Creating Table Styles

AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks

Working with Dynamic Blocks
Creating Dynamic Block Definitions
Dynamic Block Authoring Tools
Additional Visibility Options

AutoCAD Attributes

Inserting Blocks with Attributes
Editing Attribute Values
Defining Attributes
Redefining Blocks with Attributes
Extracting Attributes

AutoCAD External References

Attaching External References
Modifying External References
Xref Specific Information

Other Tools for Collaboration


Introduction to AutoCAD Sheet Sets

Overview of Sheet Sets
Creating Sheet Sets
Creating Sheets in Sheet Sets
Adding Views to Sheets
Importing Layouts to Sheet Sets
Publishing & Customizing Sheet Sets

Transmitting and Archiving Sheet Sets
Publishing Sheet Sets
Customizing Sheet Sets
Custom Blocks for Sheet Sets
Managing AutoCAD Layers
Working in the Layer Properties Manager
Creating Layer Filters
Setting Layer States
AutoCAD CAD Standards
CAD Standards Concepts
Configuring Standards
Checking Standards
Layer Translator
AutoCAD System Setup
Options Dialog Box
System Variables
Dynamic Input Settings
Drawing Utilities
Managing Plotters
Plot Styles
Introduction to AutoCAD Customization
Why Customize?
What Can be Customized?
Creating a Custom Workspace
Customizing the AutoCAD User Interface
Using the Customize User Interface (CUI) Dialog Box
Creating Custom Toolbars
Customizing the Ribbon
Customizing Menus
Keyboard Shortcuts
Macros and Custom Routines
Custom Commands and Macros
Running Scripts
Action Recorder
Editing Action Macros
Loading Custom Routines
Continues Topics from Level One

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