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Revit Training Class New York

Learn Revit in 2 Weeks!!!!
Revit: Fundamentals Queens Location

Date: Any day
Time: Any time
Duration: total of 16 hours
Location: Queens- COMPUTER ACADEMY
120-10, 15th Ave., 

College Point, NY 11356

Advantages of our classes:
* Save months and quickly gain confidence and competence by getting a thorough foundation in AutoCAD in just few weeks.
* Hands-on, instructor led AutoCAD training classes in top-notch master trainer.
* Maximum 3 students in a class, and most of time one on one instructor to a student ratio.
* Class never will be cancelled!
* Onsite training (at your location) available for corporate clients.

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Learn AutoCAD in two weeks!  
This course will introduce students to using the fundamental concept of Revit for architectural practice, visual communication, and construction document. The class will focus on fundamental concepts and hands-on operations with Revit. We will start by learning about the user interface and basic drawing, modeling, and views. Then students will learn design development tools including how to model walls, doors, windows, floors, ceilings, stairs and more. Finally, you will learn to create Sheet for printing.

Autodesk Revit 2017 Introduction course is designed with an objective to enable students to create full 3D architectural project models and set them up in working drawings. 

This course Included 
- Facilitated Training 
- Printing Materials
- Labs

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling in Revit Architecture
BIM Concept and Terminology
Difference between Revit Architecture, Structure, and MEP
Revit Interface Walkthrough
Revit Project and Family Templates

Basic Drawing and Editing Tools
General Drawing Tools in Revit Architecture
Editing Revit Elements
Modifying Tools
Conceptual Mass Modeling
Starting a Loadable Mass Family
Extrusion, Loft, Sweep, Revolve, and Surface

Importance of Levels and Grids
Setting Up Levels in Revit Architecture
Vector and Raster Files Import in Revit
Creating Structural Grids, and attach Columns

Drawing and Modifying Walls
Understand Editing Tools

Doors and Windows
Adding Doors and Windows 
Loading Door and Window Types from the Library
Creating Additional Door and Window Sizes
Creating Windows Assembly
Floors and Ceilings
Creating Floors 
Copying Floors
Creating a Shaft Opening 
Adding an Opening to a Floor 
Creating Parts 
Viewing Parts in a Floor Plan View 
Adding a Railing 

Creating a Roof Using Footprint 
Modifying a Roof 
Modifying a Roof 
Adding Roof Drains 
Adding a Dormer by Modifying a Roof Sketch

Construction Documents
Elevations, Details & Plans
Creating Elevation Documents
Using Line Work
Creating a Section View
Creating a Detail View
Adding a Callout
Adding a Detail to a Sheet
Printing Sheets

Tags and Schedules
Creating a Door Schedule 
Modifying Family Parameters 
Creating Shared Parameters 
Adding Shared Parameters to a Schedule
Adding Shared Parameters to Families
Creating a Custom Window Schedule 
Create a Finish Schedule
Adding Schedules and Tables to Sheets
Using Keynotes
Create a Building Elevation with Keynotes
Find and Replace Families
Modifying Family Types in a Schedule 
Export a Schedule 
Assigning Fonts to a Schedule 
Using a View Template for a Schedule
The objective of this training is to enable you to create full 3D architectural project models and set them up in working drawings. This class focuses on basic tools that the majority of users will need to work within Revit Architecture.

Working knowledge of drafting, design, or architecture design principles. Experience with Microsoft Windows.

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